Why is Life So Complex... & Staying Inspired The past week was wrought with difficulty, not only for me but for friends & family too. Life is difficult, complex, undoubtedly. As a child I found out very early that in order to sustain a level of fearsome integrity, I was pressed to develop ways of… Continue reading

Pleasurable Exercise is Sustainable for Life

Here's what you'll need for each class with me. In some classes you'll use a chair too. Have these things handy. The reason most people hate exercise is that it's difficult & it hurts. When you learn how to use your brain to move your body, that becomes a non-issue. These classes are super relaxing,… Continue reading Pleasurable Exercise is Sustainable for Life


An excerpt-New York Times Bestseller Norman Doidge, M.D.- The Brain's Way of Healing: "Michael Moskowitz, M.D. Discovers That Chronic Pain Can Be Unlearned: Michael Moskowitz is a psychiatrist-turned-pain-specialist who has often been forced to use himself as a guinea pig". (p. 1)... "He has developed ways of helping people in pain organize their minds as… Continue reading The MIRROR

Movie Night

Just found https://maxedbuy.com/en/detail/982072-healthy-vegan-snacks-care-package.html?msclkid=da806e700738127c5c5931c72705f8bd...I know, I know, but vegan-snacks-care- package...OMG. What a great Christmas gift, hint, hint. A few moments ago I didn't know it existed, now I wish I had one-a-dem baskets to curl up with a good movie & snack away. It's just that kinda day. Although I was pretty tired, I managed to… Continue reading Movie Night

Food is our best medicine — Create A Balanced Life

So, I finished the 4 workshop videos Kris Carr sent & I can’t say enough wonderful things about both Kris & her mission. She is also a cancer survivor. Food is our medicine. A healthy body requires this daily medicine & the thought that’s behind making it happen. Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com I’m […]Food… Continue reading Food is our best medicine — Create A Balanced Life