Problems are like snow, they come and they go

Don't step on that bird! Like a lot of the country, we've been encountering crazy rain & snow. Fortunately for us, it snows & then it goes! I'm always glad when the snow melts in a day or two, that it doesn't freeze up hard & hang around causing more difficulties. A few years ago… Continue reading Problems are like snow, they come and they go


Happy Thanksgiving, Let it Rain

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We're cozy at home waiting for the rain. What a blessing. Dinner is ready as well as dessert. Here's what it looks like! A healthy, wholesome, whole food dessert that'll rock your Thanksgiving final course! Petra at never fails me when I need a guaranteed winner. Thanks Petra!… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving, Let it Rain

Here’s how my day starts…& ends!

  "Plant kindness & gather love." Up at 5:00 a.m. A little laaaater...Here I am at 7:00 a.m. at our huge ole' dinner table taking a breather from the kitchen. A pan of water is readying to boil. Add shredded coconut & make milk. Scanning recipes from Vegan cheesy broccoli soup, hmmm! I'm loving… Continue reading Here’s how my day starts…& ends!

Secret to moistest cake ever!

Have you guessed the secret yet... it's a vegan "hack" for eggs...keep reading...& BTW I did create a purely vegan, non-processed "cream-cheese" frosting, I call it "Cream-Tease. It's so deliciously creamy-dreamy & so reminiscent of real cream-cheese frosting. Fresh lime juice deceptively hides what could be a heavy coconut flavor. This cake is traditionally made… Continue reading Secret to moistest cake ever!